Massimo Briaschi

Massimo Briaschi is an italian players' agent, a former professional football striker as well as the Sport Consulting founder.

In his career he played for famous clubs such as Juventus FC, Genoa, Cagliari and LR Vicenza winning several trophies: European Super Cup (Turin-1984), UEFA Champions League (Brussels-1985), EUSA Cup (Tokyo-1985) and Italian Championship (1985-86). He also participated in the Los Angeles Olympic Games (1984) with the Italian National Team and he ended his career in 1990 with the North York Rockets (Toronto).

He is operating as a players' agent since 1997.

Silvano Martina

Silvano Martina is one of the most recognized FIFA agents in the Italian football scene, a former professional player and the Assist s.r.l. founder.

In his football career he played as a goal-keeper for important clubs such as Inter, Brescia, Genoa, Torino, Lazio and Hellas Verona. Raised in the youth team of Inter, he stood out for over 20 years on Serie A - B pitches of the whole Italy.

After retiring, he started to operate as a players' agent. Among his clients, there have been champions like Gianluigi Buffon, Nemanja Vidic, Simone Barone, Antonio Mirante, Daniele Padelli, Obafemi Martins, Fabio Bazzani and Massimo Maccarone.

Sport Consulting, given the great friendship and esteem, proudly recognizes Silvano Martina as one of the main partners and collaborators of its network.

Petar Strugar

Petar Strugar is a FIFA Agent since 2001, regularly registered in Switzerland and recognized by SECO. He was born in Belgrado and he is a former professional footballer who played for OFK Belgrado, AC Bellinzona and FC Chiasso